focus: we MADE it together

i am currently suffering from PCD – post-concert depression. a couple days ago i had the almost once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see one of my favourite bands EVER onstage, live… their real-life, awesome, attractive selves.

you just may have heard of them before, with fantastic baby.
no? i’m sure you know of PSY then (hello gangnam style) – they’re managed by the same company. and don’t worry, you will be acquainted soon enough.
the band is none other than the korean pop group, BIG BANG! yeah they’re pretty much the top there can be in terms of k-pop boy bands.

oh right, i should give you a background run, huh?
they debuted in 2006, their music is pretty much an eccentric twist on hip-hop, their members are cool. just look at how much information their is on their wiki page (of course, this is just a starting point)!
p.s. all information is from being a VIP (that’s their official fanclub name)



(from left to right)

  • daesung / kang dae-sung (b. 1989): vocalist; he has the really small eyes, is absolutely hilarious, and is gifted with that beautiful, thick voice
  • g-dragon / kwon ji-yong (b. 1988): leader, rapper; he’s the jack of all trades, writes a lot of their stuff (& his own stuff), and has a distinct nasally voice (but it works!)
  • taeyang / dong yong-bae (b. 1988): vocalist, dancer; you may know his song wedding dress. he has a really magnetic voice, and if there’s someone showing off their chiselled bod, it’s probably him
  • seungri / lee seung-hyun (b. 1990): vocalist, dancer, maknae (youngest of the group); the cutie, but don’t get me wrong, he rocks the bad boy look as well
  • t.o.p / choi seung-hyun (b. 1987): rapper; you can tell him apart from the others by his really, really deep voice, GORGEOUS face, and his bowties/ties+suits

i love all the members, but if i had to choose a bias (favourite member) it would have to be GD. all that talent, all that swagger. also, he was the one who got me into the group in the first place.

SO yeah i got to see them on tour! MADE 2015 world tour. and legitimately “world” because they went to/are going to north america, oceania (as in australia), and asia (ofc). the only large continent they’re missing is europe (one day, fellow VIPs, one day you will get to see them in all their glory).
a little background about me and the group. i got to know them back in 2009 – they were the FIRST KPOP GROUP that i got into. been a fan of them ever since, though because they’ve been kinda off from the radar for three years, the feels kinda disappeared, unfortunately. but not to worry, they came back after the concert!

today’s focus will be doubling as event as well, sorta.
first up on the playlist is their setlist for this tour aka all their new & newer songs + a couple slightly older, but VERY POPULAR songs. lesgo!

  1. bang bang bang
  2. tonight
  3. stupid liar
  4. haru haru
  5. loser
  6. blue
  7. bad boy
  8. if you
  9. lies (unfortunately they didn’t sing this at the concert because of time *tear*)
  10. strong baby (seungri)
  11. let’s not fall in love
  12. wings (daesung)
  13. doom dada (t.o.p)
  14. eyes nose lips (taeyang)
  15. zutter (gd&top)
  16. good boy (gd x taeyang)
  17. crooked (g-dragon)
  18. sober
  19. bae bae
  20. fantastic baby
  21. we like 2 party
  22. hands up

please, let me know which one was your favourite!
next up: some of their solo songs that i like, that weren’t already featured in the playlist above.

  1. only look at me (taeyang)
  2. heartbreaker (g-dragon)
  3. breathe (g-dragon)
  4. wedding dress (taeyang) – OF COURSE!
  5. turn it up (t.o.p)
  6. one of a kind (g-dragon)
  7. that xx (g-dragon)
  8. crayon (g-dragon)
  9. gotta talk to u (seungri)
  10. coup d’etat (g-dragon)
  11. ringa linga (taeyang)
  12. who you? (g-dragon)
  13. i love you (daesung) – this one is in japanese

okay, i promise you i’m not being biased. it’s just that some members have more albums (*cough* GD *cough*) than others. there are some other fantastic songs in their albums that i didn’t include, because i wanted them all to have music videos – you should definitely check them out!

last section: songs that i like that they didn’t sing at their concert & that aren’t solo songs haha – going from oldest to newest

  1. we belong together
  2. always
  3. lollipop – the song that got me into big bang (because GD’s swwaagg)
  4. my heaven
  5. gara gara go!
  6. koe wo kikasete
  7. tell me goodbye
  8. beautiful hangover
  9. love song
  10. monster

verdict: big bang is THE BOMB. go listen to them. “i don’t understand what they’re saying” isn’t a good excuse not to because heck… so many of their fans (myself included) don’t understand a thing they’re saying. they don’t have one particular style – some are eccentric, some are ballads, others are perfect for groovin’ to at parties… so much variety! i hope you found at least one new favourite song from this extensive list tonight.

that’s all for now.
peace xx