saturday playlists: study time starts now

Study Time Starts Now


it’s midterm season – at least it is for me and my fellow university friends.
i don’t know about you, but i enjoy studying with some light, instrumental music in the background (empowering ones like from LOTR also do its wonders too, at times). i found this gem of a playlist on spotify of nice study music – next time i’m not too busy, i’ll curate my own playlist of who knows what. but for today, here’s “study time starts now“. good luck with all tests, assignments, and exams!


  1. crash – arms and sleepers
  2. don’t go where i can’t find you – eraldo bernocchi, harold budd, robin guthrie
  3. cotton access – olan mill
  4. maybe they will sing for us tomorrow – hammock
  5. signals (2005 digital remaster) – brian eno
  6. overture (for other halfs) – brian mcbride
  7. a meaningful moment through a meaning (less) process – stars of the lid
  8. my mind was a fog… my heart became a bomb – hammock
  9. the light – the album leaf
  10. ostinato – eluvium
  11. gold star mothers – hammock
  12. boy 1904 – jónsi & alex
  13. Þú ert jörðin – ólafur arnalds
  14. mélodrames télégraphiés (in b major 7th, part 1) – brian mcbride
  15. reach for the dead – boards of canada
  16. fragment ii – library tapes
  17. deep blue day (2005 digital remaster) – brian eno
  18. the kraut – stars of the lid
  19. against the sky (2005 digital remaster) – harold budd
  20. aegina airlines – the dead texan
  21. supposed essay on the piano (b major piano adagietto) – brian mcbride

that’s all for now!
(thia out – back to studying)