running to the hills

prior to today, i have (i’ll admit) not heard of this song before. like, at all. not the sound, not the name. the singer i have heard of though, so don’t you worry. apparently it’s been number 1 on the charts for quite some time now – this just tells you how often i listen to pop music… whoops. it’s just not my niche /shrugs but doesn’t mean the stuff is bad! i mean, this song didn’t send me running to the hills (ba dum tss).

title: the hills
artist: the weeknd
album: beauty behind the madness
genre: PBR&B (kinda like contemporary R&B i think?)
year: 2015

i don’t know, man. it’s not bad, but not my cup of tea, in particular. i get why it’s up top though, it’s catchy and gets stuck in your head (still is now, 5 minutes after listening to it). it gets you into a kind of light groove, which is cool – a good song to play in the background when doing any form of work, i think.

speaking of work, better hit the books.

that’s all for now.