keep holding on

usually, i wouldn’t explicitly put song titles as the post title, but this embodies everything this song talks about so perfectly i had to use it.

you’ve probably guessed which song i’m talking about today for feel-good friday by now, and it most definitely is a feel-good kind of song.

title: keep holding on
artist: avril lavigne
album: the best damn thing / eragon
genre: pop
year: 2006

empowering and soul-reaching, this song has gotten me through so much, and has in fact brought me to tears before because of its beautiful message. the first set of lyrics that we hear is “you’re not alone, together we stand. i’ll be by your side, you know i’ll take your hand” – how encouraging is that? it may only be a song, sung by a singer you have probably never even met before, but still, you feel like somebody is there with you, that you’re most definitely not alone. and the strings in the background just add so much more emotion to the song. hands down one of my most favourite songs ever, one of the most beautifully written songs i know in both aspects of music and text. avril, you deserve an infinite standing ovation for this one.

on that note, i gift this song to all of you readers out there – things get tough in life and you may feel like you want to give up or that you cannot bear it any longer; everybody has experienced it and as alone as you may think you are, there is at least one other person out there you know that can help you. though they may not 100% be able to understand your feelings (because everybody experiences things differently, and no two people are the same), they will be there for you as someone to fall back on, i am certain of it.

stay strong, my friends. i hope this song can bring you the same comfort that it brought me.

all my love, thia.