cause we could be big heroes

status update: busy with schoolwork & stuff (the life of a student)

but i’m here because i need some feel-good music to help me through my essay, as i’m sure we all do. this song makes me feel great, feels like i can overcome anything… this song makes me feel like a big, immortal hero. kinda. i had to put that in just because it works. my attempt at puns…

title: immortals
artist: fall out boy
album: american beauty/american psycho // big hero 6
genre: pop rock
year: 2014

(such a simple video yet… i love that baymax vinyl hehe)

so i’m assuming you guys have watched the movie (if you haven’t… GO WATCH IT NOW!) – this first plays in the sequence where hiro, baymax, and their friends work to become essentially what is big hero 6; this marks their transformation from a bunch of nerdy, super smart students to heroes in high-tech supersuits. it was preetty cool, if you ask me (using science to save the world, one molecule at a time).

i remember when fall out boy was really popular in like… the early 2000s and then they kinda disappeared for a while, with their hiatus. how i remembered them was pete wentz with his long, dark hair and eyeliner – he’s definitely changed up his image since then.

as for the music, i love the power of the chorus and the cool techno beats in the background during the verses. apparently, there’s something different between the album version and the film version… maybe my hearing isn’t very sharp, but i didn’t notice much of a difference other than it is slightly shorter in the album version /shrugs

anyways, that’s all for now.