a little bit lost without you

time is of the essence; it is a precious thing that we feel we always never have enough of. however, that didn’t stop this duo from releasing one song per month (via soundcloud) for the past year.

a london-based indie-pop duo consisting of josephine vander gucht and anthony west, i first came across oh wonder about a month ago, when my boyfriend sent me a link to their stuff on youtube (or maybe he just told me about them, i don’t really remember). i haven’t yet had the chance to listen to all their music, but there was one song that really struck me.

title: without you
artist: oh wonder
album: oh wonder
genre: indie pop
year: 2015

here’s a “secret”: i’m in the process of writing a song (hopefully to be “released” around mid-february, if i’m productive enough, or by the end of april) and for some reason the beginning/intro bit of this piece caught my attention – probably the simplicity of it, yet it sounds real good. that piano + shakers + light synths. i guess this aspect is something i hope to achieve with my (future) music, something these two do quite well. i also love their lyrics, though many indie lyrics are well written. one thing i would have liked to hear is more of anthony’s voice – some harmony mixed with the parallel singing would add a nice touch. but overall, i love it! the tonality, the instrumental parts, the vibe.

that’s all for now.