say what?

first off, i hope everyone is studying well and hard for exams. but remember to take breaks (like what i’m doing now).
also, because exams and end-of-term papers and stuff, i haven’t been active recently, so apologies.

i have to say, i am fairly impressed with the biebs’ newest album. what can i say, he is a good musician who actually takes part in writing his own music, and i admire him for that. though i’ll be brutally honest, i usually don’t listen to his music because of a negative bias towards the artist, from what the media has to say about him and image. i never gave his music a chance, until i heard the feeling (because HALSEY) and thought huh… his stuff is pretty good!

and next thing you know, i’m streaming his entire album off spotify haha
so here it is, one of his most popular songs from his new album, for this week’s beat those monday blues.

title: what do you mean?
artist: justin bieber
album: purpose
genre: pop, tropical house
year: 2015

i’m starting to really like those tropical house beats – really puts you in a chill mood, if you know what i mean (did not intend for my comment to mesh with the title of the song so well). that’s… pretty much what draws me to this song, those beats, the vibe of it. so… that’s all for now, i guess!