piano concerto no. 1

for a lack of a better title, for a piece without an image-evoking nickname. just simply its title.

ALSO, HELLO FRIENDS, I AM BACK! after a really hectic, out of the ordinary month. my excuse the last few months was “oh, i’m too busy with school” but, i realized that i would always regret not blogging, because it is something i enjoy doing – a nice break from studying yet still educational. also, i had forgotten about the quality of my posts, at a point – it was all just blogging for the sake of keeping up with blogging, not for my own enjoyment. SO here i am again, with a refreshed mindset. happy 2016!

i was first introduced to this lovely piece (or, more accurately, this movement of a piece) by a fellow pianist who performed it during our studio masterclass. instantaneously fell in love with it, like right from the very first measure, and thought to myself “i should blog about this”, but of course… never got around to it, unfortunately… and then i forgot about it. UNTIL this afternoon, when i heard it played again by the same pianist, about 2 months later, and was reminded of its gloriousness. and here i am now, doing my first all that class wednesday post since july (uh-oh…)

title: piano concerto no. 1 in d minor, op. 15
movement: rondo (third)
composer: johannes brahms
year: 1858

(the video starts at the third movement – if you wish to listen to the piece in its entirety, move the slider thingy back to the 00:00 mark)

right at the get-go, the music presents itself with a very distinguished demeanour – very powerful. i heard the concerto performed with two pianos, but it sounds even better with the orchestra (as it should).

i won’t go into a full-bodied harmonic and form analysis (because that’s HELLA difficult… and requires A LOT of time and research, for my knowledge and abilities), so i’ll just leave you here with that piece of music that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day/afternoon/evening.

that’s all for now.