[ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED] Milestone: 100 Posts

as the title states, this is my 100th post on this blog /cues confetti 🎉🎊

i started this blog almost a year ago with the hopes of exploring all kinds of music – from “oldies” to new, independent artists – as well as to document my musical journey (you can find my very first post here). the latter, i didn’t focus on so much for the first year, but will start to do so more. the former, however, i found myself to be quite successful.

so, i just wanted to thank all of you who took your time to read any of my posts, or even take a peek at this blog – every small recognition counts!

for my 100th post, i’ve decided to do a recap of some of my favourite posts (it was hard choosing only a few!):

let it be: a celebration of the music of the beatles (02/17/2015)
blurb: “… a cast of super-talented musicians and actors of sorts who [joined] together onstage to celebrate the music of The Beatles...”
why i like it: my first actual post, so of course it has some sentimental meaning to me.

of dreams and nightmares (03/03/2015)
blurb: “initial reaction when i discovered this song… was that the sound has a coldplay-slash-chris martin feel to it, with BANNERS’ haunting, lulling, falsetto-ranged vocals.”
why i like it: because BANNERS – it feels great seeing him furthering his career with crazy success, knowing i was a fan of his right from the start.

not quite “moonlight” (03/04/2015)
blurb: “just wanted to share with you a bit, and blow your minds, of the other side of the world-renowned “moonlight” sonata.”
why i like it: i really like that image… and the way i organized this post.

debussy and exoticism – pagodes: an impressionistic fusion (03/26/2015)
blurb: “Claude Debussy’s experiences with exotic music, especially with the Javanese gamelan, were fundamental in the creation of an innovative and distinct style of his own: Impressionism.”
why i like it: my most educational, well-researched post (because it was my essay /sheepish grin).

somewhere only we know… (04/05/2015)
blurb: “carefully slaps down a bunch of mystical-sounding music onto this page trying to not make it sound like last week’s dream-themed soundscape post.”
why i like it: introduced me to ori and the blind forest and its ethereal music

the wellness academy: the initial experience (04/18/2015)
blurb: “i had the utmost pleasure to spend my afternoon at a local wellness academy for people with dementia.”
why i like it: LIFECHANGING EXPERIENCE (nuff said)

where every sound creates a picture (04/29/2015)
blurb: “disney + classical music + childhood nostalgia”
why i like it: (see above) and because i used the content in my concert report

where dreams come true (05/23/2015)
blurb: “i hope they can transport you to the happiest, most magical place on earth.”
why i like it: who doesn’t like disney songs, amiright?

the wellness academy: i’m still me (09/19/2015)
blurb: “patience is a virtue; art is healing; MUSIC is magic.”
why i like it: LIFECHANGING EXPERIENCE, round 2.

in the spotlight: taylor kurta (09/21/2015)
blurb: “i will be sitting in my chair – laptop and phone nearby – personally interviewing some very talented musicians… ”
why i like it: first exclusive interview of (hopefully) many more to come!

high on legal marijuana (09/22/2015)
blurb: “this song… makes me feel like i can conquer the world. it’s just the perfect album for roadtrips… ”
why i like it: halsey.

mirror of the snow-covered hills (10/01/2015)
blurb: “landslide was a reflection of her indecisiveness and partial doubt about whether she wanted to continue in her musical career, or to stop after one failed album and go back to living her life the way it was back at home with her parents.”
why i like it: actually did a bit of research on the meaning behind this song, and learned a lot.

captive on the carousel of time (10/02/2015)
blurb: “the past is the past, we can only look back at what we’ve done and just keep living.”
why i like it: i felt philosophical.

focus: we MADE it together (10/15/2015)
blurb: “i am currently suffering from PCD – post-concert depression.”

keep holding on (10/23/2015)
blurb: “empowering and soul-reaching, this song has gotten me through so much… ”
why i like it: it’s just such a beautiful song, and i included some friendly messages that i wish for all my readers to know.


and here are the top 10 posts of the year (according to my stats page):

  1. in the spotlight: taylor kurta
  2. the wellness academy: i’m still me
  3. the musings of a musician.
  4. let it be: a celebration of the music of the beatles
  5. of dreams and nightmares
  6. the wellness academy: the initial experience
  7. press start to begin
  8. the start of my creative journey
  9. “we were born sick”
  10. focus: we MADE it together

please look forward to more thia presence in 2016!