musical reflection

hitRECord Music 2

source: gyllenmaya @hitrecord

yeah i know, i said i was going to be more active…
definitely had more time last year (i mean, i had the time to binge watch not one, but TWO tv series – once upon a time and the 100, if you were wondering) and less work. of course, those two factors correlate with each other.

speaking of work, i thought i’d take a new approach with this particular blog post. see, for my music therapy course, one of my assignments requires me to listen to an hour of music, and just listen. then write a reflection based on my music-listening experience. and that is what i will do, right here – jot down notes to the music i hear from my iTunes (a little glance into what kind of music i like, or what kind of music i have in my library). time stamp: 8:47pm. 5 things (or less maybe) i felt from this song. here goes nothing!

start a riot – BANNERS

  • chills on my arms
  • i love his voice!
  • thinking of eleanor and jasper moments from the royals, in which this song was featured
  • it’s ending no! i want more! oh wait… there is more…
  • not it’s really ended – i am satisfied

darkness takes over – nicholas hooper (from harry potter and the order of the phoenix)

  • which part of the movie is this song featured in? /runs through movie in head… nope idk
  • feeling a bit anxious because of how it sounds
  • the music swirls – makes me feel confused, still anxious; being cautious
  • oh… it ended already…

heroic struggle in a combat crisis (from cyborg 009)

  • sounds intense!
  • oh right i remember this motif!
  • got distracted trying to find the composer. whoops.

sherlock (japanese version) – SHINee

  • still not used to the japanese version…
  • i’ve listened to this so many times, don’t have many feelings; not my favourite SHINee song /shrugs
  • can’t get taemin’s LONG LONG hair (from the korean version) out of my head…
  • /grabs high school friend – SOY UN DORITO! but… this is japanese. no dorito.

dreams – harold van lennep

  • ooh this is pretty, calming, and relaxing!
  • makes me want to contemplate life – a really emotional, touching scene comes into my head
  • chills in my arms and legs now

drama queen (that girl) – lindsay lohan (from confessions of a teenage drama queen)

  • even this song gives me chills? i think i’m just cold now… /grabs sweater
  • ah, those memories from the movie. i actually really enjoyed (still do) the movie as a kid!
  • she’s actually so talented though!
  • “life is a work of art, you gotta paint it colourful” JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
  • such a fun song – no regrets in still keeping it on my iTunes

all out of love (ft. delta goodrem) – westlife

  • westlife is just… i love them /swoons (why don’t we have groups like them these days?)
  • and i love this song too! /hums along (thank you air supply)

lonely ferris wheel – fahrenheit 

  • oh man this takes me back to my middle school days /sings along
  • ah i love aaron’s voice in this /swoons
  • oddly enough, this song really puts me at peace & makes my heart happy

moonlight – EXO

  • i swear i keep hearing “shower” every single time i listen to this song… cannot unhear
  • feel kinda neutral about this song and have always been i guess
  • they do sound really good live though (yes, this is from their concert album)
  • all dem fangirls

when the love falls – yiruma

  • i don’t think i know this so- oh wait, yes i do
  • he is literally piano-solo composer goals!
  • so naice

red line – show luo

  • wait what? i don’t really know this song all that well… early years

miracles in december – EXO-K

  • /internally screams because i love this song!
  • takes me back to wonderful, joyous christmastime
  • my heart is warm and satisfied
  • imagines a set of fluffy snow, crystal/glass snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, a frozen pond, some silver tinsel and decorations here and there (thanks to this performance). and… a fireplace with warm hugs and marshmallows and comfy socks.
  • wait this actually sounds kinda sad too?

hope – yiruma

  • really fills my heart with happiness and hope, as the title states
  • imagines the clouds parting for sunbeams shining down past my window, into my body and soul

saving buckbeak – john williams (from harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban)

  • which part is this? hermione throwing the shell-like thingy and looking at the back of her head?
  • OH THIS IS THE EXECUTIONER COMING TO SMASH THE PUMPKIN PART… i think – intense, anxious music here!
  • sneaky sneaky music
  • church bells? bells from hogwarts?

i’m saying (piano version) (from the heirs) – can’t seem to find the music for this

  • oh i want to transcribe this now! it’s so pretty!
  • reminds self that i never actually finished the drama…
  • sounds so sentimental and melancholic

extraordinary dinner party – la dispute

  • i remember downloading this free album (legally) because i wanted to give a different genre of music a chance… not entirely sure if i enjoy the vocal part. love the instrumental part though!
  • kinda makes me feel uncomfortable listening to this though because of the spoken lyrics style

and one last song because it always puts me in a good mood no matter what

superstition – stevie wonder

  • that groove in the beginning /starts to dance
  • music that speaks to my soul
  • stevie… you are a wonder (ba-dum-chh… yeah i know that was terrible and totally not original)

that’s all i got for tonight. not my ideal selection of songs, but that’s the fun of shuffling and writing about whatever comes up, truthfully, right?

SO what i learned is that you are actually what you listen to. i felt my mood lift when it was an upbeat, bouncy song; my heart get calmer when listening to soft instrumentals; my heart rate increased during those powerful themes from tv/movie soundtracks used to enhance the action in the scene – very effective. not a lot of nostalgia in these songs in particular, but i’m sure with other ones (like coldplay’s paradise) they would lead me through a train of memories.

yes, music is amazing. this is why i am studying what i am studying.
thia out.