focus: emancipator

spotify has recently become my best friend and resource when it comes to study music. i’ve kind of been a fan of meditative music in the last few weeks because i’ve found that the nature-like sounds and pure instrumentals work well for a study environment or just chill-time background music. one playlist i follow is atmospheric calm, and this was how i stumbled across portland, OR based electronic producer, douglas appling (aka & better known as emancipator).

here is a little snippet of text from his website that really accurately describes his music way better than i ever can (goals!):

A search for mind immersing, spine tingling tracks would land many stumbling upon Emancipator.

Known for its etheric melodies, immaculately smooth samples, and addictive drum beats, Emancipator’s music has captivated a diverse audience across the globe. One might struggle to place a finger on what makes the music so addictive, but would undoubtedly return to the underlying feeling of balance and connection.

Trusting his roots yet simultaneously evolving, Emancipator’s fresh new cultivation is nothing short of a renaissance.

what is the meaning of emancipator anyways? i was pretty curious about this too, so naturally, i googled it.

emancipate: verb (used with object); 1) to free from restraint, influence, or the like.
as a noun, it is basically someone who frees someone from something (on other sources, it says freeing of “bondage”)
fun fact: U.S. president abraham lincoln was dubbed “the great emancipator” due to his helping to free, or emancipate, the slaves during the american civil war

so maybe appling is a fan of lincoln’s? who knows. in a musician’s point of view, i would guess that his choosing of emancipator as his stage name symbolized what he wishes his music to be like – free and unique.

here is a sample of his music – his newest album, seven seas, from which the first song i heard from him (ocelot) is part of.

p.s. some of his music can be downloaded for free on bandcamp – just click on “free downloads” and “elephant survival”

that’s all for now.