so no one told you life was gonna be this way

dear FRIENDS (haha see what i did there?),

i realize it’s been a month since i last posted (my piece ‘haze‘ not included – btw feel free to take a listen!) – sometimes i wonder how i had so much time last year for blogging as well as TV show binge-watching… such is life, it just gets busier every successive year.

what i’ve been doing in lieu of blogging: studying, reading textbooks, other schoolwork & assignments, classes, practicing, eating, the pre-sleeping netflix-watching routine (just a little, to keep me sane), actually sleeping… though i have discovered colouring – those beautiful “adult” colouring books – and do that once in a while just to calm my brain.

expanding on that netflix-watching idea… i have just started (emphasis, just as in still on season 1) watching friends. i don’t usually enjoy sitcoms – more a sci-fi/fantasy/action/suspense kinda girl – but i’m really enjoying friends. no wonder it has such high ratings, right?

anyways, i’m sure everybody who’s seen it will know this following song by heart. or, at least the bits of it that are sung at the beginning of every single episode.

title: i’ll be there for you
artist: the rembrandts
album: LP
genre: pop
year: 1994

(oh and look the friends make an appearance too!)

as many people have noticed, it has a very beatles vibe to it. could be the instrumentation, the tonal quality of the blending of the two voices. the lyrics are relatable to not only the characters of the show, but also to the audience. i’ll be honest, i had no idea what DOA meant – until now: dead on arrival. basically, love life is inexistent and without hope.

extra reading: i found this interesting article on buzzfeed news of an interview they did with the rembrandts on the story behind their hit song. also, fun fact: in 2009, (a subsite of maxim) listed i’ll be there for you as one of the worst songs ever, placing it at #15 of 50.

just wanted to share a song that will bring back hopefully fond memories, and that has been stuck in my head for the entire week (it wouldn’t let me sleep one night…)

that’s all for now.

p.s. why isn’t chandler with monica in the picture? yet they have already established the rachel-ross relationship…