getaway: a ticket to anywhere

wow… it’s been quite some time, but hands up because school is over! well… finals aside, school is over. although i wasn’t as present here as i should have been this year, i was present elsewhere: social life with my music friends. i feel this school year, we’ve all gotten a lot closer – no longer strangers at a new school, but a family of sorts who’s got each other’s backs (school & social life).

this post is dedicated to those friends – you know who you are /hugs

short story for context: my friend and i hosted a small party at her place, and while we were taking a short break from playing never have i ever, i filmed my circle of friends and this song was playing in the background (yay for google play music radio). so, even though the party was several weeks ago, i finally decided to search up the song. here it is:

title: fast car
artist: jonas blue (ft. dakota)
album: fast car – single
genre: tropical house
year: 2015

after listening to the biebs’ newest album, i have grown to enjoy the genre that is tropical house. not a huge fan of typical EDM stuff but… tropical house is nice! i guess this song has more sentimental meaning behind it than an initial liking, but after listening to it for real (not just in a short video clip i recorded), it can be considered both! in a way, the lyrics reflect how i feel: sometimes, i need to get away from the busyness and stress of school that makes me run on auto steam. the destination: doesn’t matter – as long as it’s with my friends. now that i think about it, the song was very fitting for that video – coincidence?

with some digging, i discovered that this is a cover of a popular song from the 80’s, originally sung by tracy chapman:

this was british producer jonas blue’s debut single that instantaneously made its way up to the top charts in 53 countries; it also gained a platinum status in australia, and gold in sweden. this guy is definitely someone to watch out for in 2016. here’s a small blurb from his official website.

“Born and raised in London, producer Jonas Blue has so far taken the music industry by storm, implementing his musical cues in all of his undertakings. From pop to classic dance music, as well as delving into elements of tropical house – it’s clear to see that he has cleverly crafted a sound which fills the void that so many are craving from the UK music scene.”

“His debut release ‘Fast Car’… came about when he had the idea to recreate on of his mother’s favourite songs that he remembered hearing on repeat as a child.”

thank you, jonas blue, for creating this wonderful piece of art that now holds such a precious place in my heart.

that’s all for now.
(back to studying for finals…)