in the spotlight: core & nightlight

no, it’s not a band; it’s even better. he’s a passionate, hardworking multi-talented musician and budding entrepreneur, here to tell us about his upcoming show, nightlight. this is core.

but first, here is some info you should jot down:

what: nightlight 2016
when: may 21st @7pm
where: isabel bader theatre, toronto
admission: $10 advanced, $20 at the door

Core & Sherry

Nightlight 2016 Co-Hosts, Core (Left) and Sherry (Right)

What is Nightlight?

In a nutshell, it’s a youth show in all aspects. Everything from the performers, the organizers, and the vibe. Having performed at theatres and various other gigs in Toronto, I’ve noticed they’ve always been organized and sponsored by big corporations. They only used the youth as volunteers and most of the time they lack any kind of creativity and organization. I wanted to change that. Nightlight is a show of creativity, potential, talent, and acts as a platform for up-and-coming youth talent to showcase what they got.

Nightlight 2016 Poster 2

Nightlight 2016 Poster

Tell us the story of how Nightlight came to be.

I wish there was a magical story, but it’s actually pretty pathetic. I was late in getting my 40 volunteer hours done to graduate high school. I came across an organization called Playing For Keeps that was promoting the 2015 Pan Am Games. We would get volunteer hours if we hosted a sport event to promote the games. Keep in mind this happened in 2014 when I was in my senior year of high school. I’m not too much of a sports guy, but an idea of a concert I can do with my friends came to mind. I talked to a friend who I’ve considered my little sister. We gathered singers from our high school and other singing friends that I’ve performed with for years, and we managed to organize and pull off a 16-song program for a free show. We had about 70 people show up that night.

Nightlight 2014 Poster

Nightlight 2014 Poster

What kind of talents can we expect from Nightlight this year?

Pop, C-Pop, R&B, Rock, from up and coming talent. It’s a theatre show. Everything is going to be big.


“Nightlight is my brain child, and no matter if it fails or succeeds, I dedicate my entire spirit to it until the end.” – Core


What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

There are 5 things I seek to master in my life: keyboard, singing, songwriting, music producing, and building a music business. All the things I want to master comes into play in my future. I aspire to build a record label that produces and releases music in both Chinese and English. Being a Canadian born Chinese, I’ve grown up with music from both sides of the world, and I want my record label to bridge the ethnic gap between the two music worlds.

Little Moon Records

Core is the founder of and CEO at Little Moon Records

How would you describe your composition and producing style?

I grew up with R&B and got into jazz in high school. Those types of music speaks to me the loudest, and I want to use that to my advantage when I’m building my bilingual record label. You don’t really hear a lot of “Eastern R&B”; it’s an open canvas.

If you were a colour, what would you be?

Silver white. The colour of my dream grand piano.

Name and describe one song that has had a big influence on you as a musician, or you as a person.

God. There’s one song that psychologically triggers me to cry when I hear it, and for good reason. My Way by Frank Sinatra. It’s just the lyrics. It’s about someone going through a rough life but going out on their own terms. Nightlight is my brain child, and no matter if it fails or succeeds, I dedicate my entire spirit to it until the end.

Nightlight 2015 Finale

Nightlight 2015 Finale

side note: core was actually the one who helped me record my first self-composed track. judging by the way he handled our session – with much patience and with a goal to make things the best they can be – i know this show is going to be one fantastic musical evening.

also, might i mention that nightlight is going to be partnering and fundraising for the canadian music therapy trust fund. all proceeds from the night’s raffle (with a prize donated by one of the show’s sponsors) will be going towards this charity. how exciting!


you can get tickets to nightlight 2016 by contacting core personally by messaging him on facebook, or online at
and don’t forget to follow nightlight’s facebook page for updates and more information.