dare to disturb the silence

since it is currently spring break (or, partially, in my case, because i love school so much that i’m taking two spring courses), with stress off my back, it feels great! and i’m able to enjoy things like attending the stars on ice show in toronto.

just a brief blurb about stars on ice: basically an ice-skating tour, featuring some of the best skaters in the world (i’m talking world champions and olympics gold medalists). the canadian team for 2016 includes patrick chan, tessa virtue & scott moir, and elvis stojko, among many others. bonus: the legendary kurt browning as a special guest at select performances.

watching these athletes-artists perform really shows just how powerful and essential the perfect choice of music is to the program. there was one in particular – song and routine – that left me and the rest of the crowd absolutely speechless; i had tears in my eyes, it was that beautiful.

definitely one of my most current favourite songs (er, cover of a favourite song) – it plays on repeat in the car, in my head, on my speakers… a fabulous rendition.

title: the sound of silence
artist: disturbed (original: simon & garfunkel)
album: immortalized
genre: metal
year: 2015

i don’t even know where to begin. simon & garfunkel’s critically acclaimed soft-rock/folk single covered by a heavy metal band? how does that even work? one would be surprised how great it is! i mean, even paul simon endorsed the cover – that must say something, right?

it starts off really soft, gradually building to a more metal-sounding climax at “and the people bowed and prayed…” lead vocalist of the band, david draiman, displays his vocal virtuosity by gifting listeners with two different singing styles and ranges in one piece of music. the beauty and power of simon’s lyrics are also exhibited artistically in the official music video (above), full of destruction, darkness, and of course, music.

definitely worth a listen!
that’s all for now.