let it go and let it be

first off, some personal situations cropped up and i haven’t really had the energy (both mentally and physically) nor the time to blog recently. but i think my mini-hiatus should be about over now, happily.

i started going to the gym around the end of april, and with that comes listening to a bunch of top 40 or so hits ALL THE TIME. for today’s post, i was going through billboard’s hot 100  and listening to the first couple ones, thinking “so that’s the song i heard the other day!”… then went back to finding one that i really enjoy. about a month ago, i came across youtube singer madilyn bailey’s cover for this song (video below) and instantaneously fell in love. i’ll be honest, i thought she was covering some sort of frozen remix but nah, this is way better.

then, of course, i went to find the original version. and now here we are!

title: let it go
artist: james bay
album: chaos and the calm
genre: indie pop
year: 2014

i honestly don’t know what it is with this song that makes me love it. maybe it’s the lyrics, or the whole “heartbreakingly-lonely-but-strong” feel it gives to its listeners. i know for me, when i listen to music, i pay much attention to the instrumental bits of the song, and in this case, i quite enjoy the simplicity of it all – it sounds very clean, not cluttered, and it doesn’t take away from james bay’s raspy vocals.

not that i’m hating on electronic music or rap (because there are some fabulous ones out there, no lie), but it’s refreshing to see some softer songs make it onto the top charts. check out the rest of his album here on spotify, deluxe edition.

that’s all for now.