dreamin’ of some sun

as many of you probably know, the prestigious music and arts festival known as coachella happened about 2 months ago. aside from top-notch stages, celebrity spottings, and really good food (tbh i would totally go just for the food), this festival is also known for its fashion: some boho x hippie x alternative combination of sorts. leave it to some clothing brands to create an entire coachella-inspired/festival wear collection for marketing purposes. among those companies is h&m.

funny thing is i was actually looking for job opps online and stumbled across h&m‘s webpage – first thing i see is their coachella collection. and then a video to go along with it. yeah, the clothing caught my attention, but not as much as the aesthetics of the video, and more specifically, the MUSIC they used:

a familiar tune to many, but with a kind of… trance-like and even somewhat mysterious vibe to it.

title: california dreamin’
artist: amason (originally by the mamas & the papas)
album: california airport love
genre: indie pop
year: 2016

they are a swedish band, comprised of members amanda bergman (vocals), gustav ejstes (guitar, keyboard, vocals), pontus winnberg (keyboard), nils törnqvist (drums), and petter winnberg (bass).

you can listen to their latest 3-song album here, which also includes california dreamin’.

aside from some nostalgic value, the original version of california dreamin’ was never really a big favourite of mine (maybe because we had to sing it in music class in elementary school /shrugs), but i really quite like this rendition of it. the space left between the repetitive lyrics give listeners a chance to breathe and really take in the entirety of the song, instrumentation and mood and all. so yeah, pretty good find, thank you h&m.

that’s all for now.