meet me in the pines

wow it’s been a crazy long time since i last did a music talk.
(and it’s not like i’m even busy with school or anything – this is not sarcasm, i kid you not – i literally finished my one class of the day today at 11:20 so… )

man, i have not been paying attention to new tunes (been really into “old” stuff recently) so i just spent a whole lot of time going through my spotify “bookmarks” i guess you can call them, looking for something. didn’t find something that i really wanted to talk about –> clicked around playlists to see what i could find and… SUCCESS!

the newest track from rochester indie pop duo roses & revolutions (vocalist alyssa coco, guitarist matt merritt), here is the pines.

title: the pines
artist: roses & revolutions
album: the pines – single
genre: indie pop
year: 2016

just going to give a little background behind the creation of this song:

“The inspiration for “The Pines” came about after we binge watched the 90’s TV show, Twin Peaks for the hundredth time. It’s a song that explores the haunting serenity of being alone in the woods at night and having that secret place that only you and another know about.” (all things go)

sounds kinda creepy, huh? to put things into context, twin peaks is a serial drama, featuring mysterious and supernatural elements and is categorized as a psychological series – i think the tone of the pines matches this quite well.

i absolutely love how they started off quite minimalist, simply featuring alyssa’s smooth vocals in the melodic line as well as in the chant-like background. by writing the staple lyric “meet me in the pines” in the minor key, it contributes to the creepy, mysterious mood of the song. the instrumental space created within the chorus and the bridge give listeners some time take in the haunting atmosphere (and possibly even imagine a short story in their head).

the cinematic feel of this song really drew me in, and thus resulted in my selection. looking forward to their upcoming EP!

that’s all for now.

(p.s. i feel so out of practice with regards to writing about music… it will come back)