closer in the rover

okay so, i have to be honest: the only reason why i listened to this song in the first place was because queen bae halsey was featured. i’m not a huge fan of EDM in general, but my ears thought this song was pretty okay (of course, because halsey had a hand in writing it and i love all her songs). and i definitely was not the only person to think that, because man, did it get big, topping charts from all over the world. i’m a little bit late in covering it, but here’s closer.

title: closer (ft. halsey)
artist: the chainsmokers
album: closer – single
genre: EDM
year: 2016


doing some reading up on this track and man, are there a lot of fantastically, eloquently written articles about it, i don’t know how to match up to it. anyways, what really draws me to this song are: a) a very effective lyric-music video (love the artistic style of it), b) it’s not too electronic – there’s a light, poppy feel to it which i enjoy more than an ear-ringing, bass-dropping beat, and c) catchy lyrics in the pre-chorus. also, featuring another singer makes adds to the musical layers with a contrasting vocal range and tonality, even.

basically, i’m a huge sucker for anything halsey writes /shrugs

that’s all for now.