placement reflection: 10/07/16

Today’s session was one where we were able to see the progress that the clients have made throughout their years of music therapy sessions with my supervisor, rather than one where a lot of learning occurred.

One thing I did learn was to change up interventions in order to elicit a positive emotion in the clients, rather than starting with one where there was a possibility of the expression of a negative emotion that was observed in a previous session.

Things I learned from previous sessions that were reinforced today were to be assertive but kind, to never deny a client of their positive ‘outbursts’ and instead nurture it, flexibility, and to understand and respect a client’s boundaries.

At the end of the session, a client made eye contact with me when saying goodbye, and I felt that they have grown – or is starting to become – familiar with my presence, and recognized my role as a student music therapist. In other words, I believe that we have formed a therapeutic relationship. Having formed this connection with the clients made me feel more confident in my abilities as a student music therapist.

Of the few sessions that I have experienced so far, the clients seemed the happiest and most engaging today, and I finally felt like I had a grasp on what I was supposed to do in a clinical session. It was definitely a very successful day.