it’s all just in your head

as some of you may know, my current (since march, actually) favourite band is ROMES – check them out if you haven’t already – and they have a show in toronto next week… which i can’t attend because school. BUT that’s not the point. they will be performing with another new toronto musician, Brant, at said show. BUT that’s also not the point. i was browsing through some nearby events and saw that Brant is having another show to celebrate his new EP release… in my city! thought hmmm… this might interest me, and went on to listen to his stuff. and yep, DEFINITELY interested! i’m totally loving his sound and am now really excited to see him live!

his debut EP all in your head features 5 tracks, and is available for purchase on iTunes, and to listen to on Spotify and SoundCloud.


Brant is a new toronto-based alternative/pop artist. his debut EP “all in your head”, released on oct. 18 this year, features “5 melodic tracks with lush soundscapes and anthemic choruses”, and “covers themes of self discovery, overcoming adversity and finding one’s voice.” (Brant, SoundCloud)

my favourite track off of this album is definitely subterranean – love the lyrics in the chorus:

how am i supposed to live
between the darkness and the light
you don’t know how much i’d give
to see the sun with my own eyes
i’ve been subterranean

… and the surprise melodic “dissonance”/shift from a major to minor key right before he goes into the chorus (the urge to resolve is real). it is so effective, and matches the lyrics in being “subterranean”… you know… like below, lower… hence the minor descent?

anyways that’s definitely a song worth checking out.

follow him & listen to more of his stuff:

also: his debut single “fire in my eyes” can be found here (acoustic version included)

that’s all for now!