strangers wandering in the night

a few months ago, my university had a used CD sale, and a frank sinatra album somehow ended up coming home with me – i just felt a huge burning desire to buy it. i don’t know when i started getting into his music, but it must have been sometime after summer 2015, the first song i listened to being fly me to the moon. but another also very popular song caught my attention even more – strangers in the night.

title: strangers in the night
artist: frank sinatra
album: strangers in the night
genre: easy listening/pop
year: 1966

there’s something so mysterious, yet so romantic and inviting about the lyrics (penned by charles singleton and eddie snyder). it’s kind of a movie within a song – i’m thinking something parisian when i hear this track, to be honest, a “classic” love story. not to mention sinatra’s smooth voice just adds to the cinematic qualities of the song; it’s the perfect soundtrack to a budding romance.

anyways, i’ll leave it at that.