reverie and love

over the summer, some of my friends somehow got me into jazz. and the interest has stuck with me for the last few months, so much so that i was blasting oscar peterson and stéphane grappelli’s album skol last night while making dinner.

these past few years, i’ve been trying to get myself to play some jazzy repertoire, namely gershwin and kapustin. kinda touched it a little, but never went back to it. this year, though, i am determined to learn something, because i’ve finally realized i’ve been missing out on some fantastic mood music.

so, for this week’s turn-up & tune-in, i want to share with you two pieces i’ve recently been acquainted with, both of which was introduced to me by a friend. the first is stardust, performed by jazz violinist stéphane grappelli.

i found this gem while searching up jazzy piano+violin duet pieces (because what do music students do in their free time? learn music for funsies). this rendition of hoagy charmichael’s 1927 pop hit captures the essence of the song’s lyrics, something like a dream… a “reverie”. it takes you to such a calm, serene place. also, shoutout to alan clare for his beautiful piano-playing – i really want a transcription of it! maybe i’ll attempt to do it myself… maybe.

also side note: i absolutely adore nat king cole‘s version of this piece. listen to it here.

the second piece is like someone in love, performed by pianist bill evans.

i came across this piece when my friend asked me to sight read a transcription of it for him. at first i was like yeah, i can sight read pieces, no biggie. but when i actually did it… not so easy. so i decided i would actually learn it/am still working on it.

the original song was composed in 1944 by jimmy van heusen, and originally sung by dinah shore in the film belle of the yukon. since its initial release, there have been many covers and recordings of the piece, ranging from bing crosby in 1945, to slightly more recently, björk in 1993. evans’ version was recorded live in 1962. i love the space in between the chords, mixed with the “drama”, so to speak. a beautiful rendition.

so yeah… that’s that. i have about 5 minutes until the clock turns to wednesday.

sit back, relax, enjoy the music.