trees, reindeer, songs of joy and peace

it’s the first of december, everyone! it’s nearing christmas-time, aka my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. even though it’s getting chilly outside, there’s still something so heart-warming about the holiday.

since it’s not actually christmas yet, but at the same time also is… thought i would share a “christmas” song – something that is set during the christmas season but necessarily about christmas, you know?
(wow, i just used the word “christmas” four times in that little paragraph… five now)


title: river
artist: joni mitchell
album: blue
genre: folk
year: 1971

the jingle bells motif at the beginning of the piece always gets to me.

if you listen to the lyrics, it starts off quite lovely but then gets, well, quite sad, actually. although it is a melancholic song, it is still very commonly played during the holidays, and popularly covered. people have attributed its popularity to the reason that unfortunately, not everybody feels joyous and merry during christmas. and in this sense, it proves to be a relatable song for those going through difficult times (e.g. heartbreak, as mentioned in the song) and may not be all that jolly. i highly respect joni’s piece in this sense, other than its masterful… well… entirety.

even though it’s a sad christmas song, i still quite enjoy listening to it and it does have somewhat of a calming effect on me.

i actually first heard this song at idina menzel’s concert – she sang a version on her own christmas album, and the track can be found here. the two versions are quite different in terms of vocal timbre and musical space, but i love them both equally.

that’s all for now.

(and i truly wish that your holiday will be full of joy and peace)