take a moment to just… b r e a t h e ~

You are overwhelmed
… with school (hello, exam season)
… with work
… with relationships
… with life

Your brain, your mind is restless
… filled with unwanted thoughts
… belittling thoughts
… confusing thoughts
too many thoughts

You deserve a break – maybe a minute or two; even a few seconds can do so much.

Take this chance to breathe – and properly breathe, deeply (from the diaphragm, not from the chest).
Think of your breath as a stream of energy, positivity, luck, whatever you are in need for.
Let the air flow through your lungs, into your heart.
Let the air flow out through your head, through your nose, and your mouth.
Release the tension.

Pick your favourite GIF(s) from below, and just… b r e a t h e ~

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(BONUS: Follow the paintbrush with your eyes – it will provide a calming effect)

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