water take away my memory

was scrolling through my spotify playlists, trying to find something to listen to while i completed my music therapy assignment. came across a playlist i have never seen before/did not remember following (probably because it had another name & different songs – i think it was “summer acoustics”). i love everything about winter; the snow and the cold make me happy (because it means coziness and warmth). maybe because i was a winter baby, i don’t know.

anyways, i took a chance on the first song on the playlist, and low and behold, i fell in love!

title: rivers (ft. robyn sherwell)
artist: allman brown
album: rivers – single
genre: folk
year: 2015


the lyrics are surprisingly simple, the concept easy to understand. but even so, brown was able to create a distant wintery scene and a tonal quality that chills listeners to the bone. this song was exactly what i needed today to clear my heart and mind.

Rivers is a song about nature. It’s power; it’s intimacy and how it lives in our senses. It was the perfect song to collaborate with Robyn on as her voice has a balance of strength and fragility that is so elusive and seductive.” – Allman Brown (blahblahblahscience)

and that’s all for now.