all you have to do is call

my thursday afternoon consisted of kitties, blankets, conversations, and guitars.
a friend and i were (are) working on some duets for future open mics, cabarets, coffee houses, or whatever performance, and we thought we would give this song a try, as we both have a soft spot for acoustic oldies.

(and it has really nice lyrics, as expected from carole king though amiright?)

title: you’ve got a friend
artist: carole king/james taylor
album: tapestry/mud slide slim and the blue horizon
genre: soft rock/folk rock
year: 1971

both artists have their own style, but i have to say i like taylor’s version more with the guitar… but so did many other people, as it reached number 1 on the billboard top 100.

king’s inspiration for the song was actually another one of taylor’s hits, fire and rain, a response to the lyric “i’ve seen lonely times when i could not find a friend”. and when taylor heard the song, he knew he needed to sing it. and this was how one of my favourite songs – and a fantastic duet – was born, out of a droplet of serendipity.

it really resonates with me, because it embodies the meaning of friendship: always being there for your friends whenever, wherever, whatever the circumstance. my friendships are incredibly important to my life (as i’m sure all of yours are too), but sometimes i forget – in all my busy-ness and excitement – to let them know just how valuable they are to me. this is the perfect song for that, and when i perform it, that performance will be a gift for all my friends out there. and of course, to the one i will perform it with, too.

here’s a great video of the two iconic artists performing at the troubadour in 2010:

that’s all for now.