paper airplanes in the snow

put on this wintery playlist again this morning/afternoon… if only it were snowing instead of raining outside (seriously though, our winter has been lacking in snow and frankly, i am sad about that). but that’s besides the point. i put on the playlist again, and came across yet another song that reflects my calm-yet-slightly-unsettled mood in the music.

title: tracks in the snow
artist: the civil wars
album: tracks in the snow
genre: indie folk
year: 2011


the civil wars was composed of duo joy williams and john paul white. and i say was because they sadly disbanded and parted ways in 2014. you may recognize their name from the hunger games’ track “safe & sound”, where they sang alongside t-swift, or from their popular single “poison & wine”, which was featured in several TV shows – this song was actually how i got to know them.

the acoustic guitar provides the main source of instrumentation in “tracks in the snow”, and this adds so much to the mysterious (slightly eerie, even) tonality of the song. i absolutely love the harmonies that the duo sing, giving some depth to the music. everything about this song is just such a wonderful experience.

that’s all for now.