the most relaxing songs ever?

happy international day of happiness! this is how i spent it:

  • working out to release those endorphins and getting me some positive vibes
  • wearing something that makes me feel fierce (i’m talking a silver leopard print silky bomber and my favourite heeled booties)
  • drinking tea mmm~
  • going to class… better than sitting in my room doing nothing, right?
  • doing papier mâché with friends while listening to some great acoustic tunes
  • baking sweet potato mac & cheese (which was VERY delicious, might i add) with my roommate
  • listening to music, of course!
  • and blogging about musical discoveries ↴

i recently stumbled upon an article (or, a couple) that presented the top 10 most relaxing songs in the world, according to scientific research. yes, you read that right – scientifically proven.

the list is as follows:

  1. Weightless – Marconi Union
  2. electra – Airstream
  3. Mellomaniac (Chillout Mix) – DJ Shah
  4. Watermark – Enya
  5. Strawberry Swing – Coldplay
  6. Please Don’t Go – Barcelona
  7. Pure Shores – All Saints
  8. Someone Like You – Adele
  9. Canzonetta sull’aria – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  10. We Can Fly – Rue du Soleil


now, let’s talk about what is claimed to be the most relaxing song ever composed: weightless.

the musicians of marconi union collaborated with sound therapists to create a song that would lower a listener’s anxiety by 65% (according to researchers at mindlab international). it is something called entrainment, where the human heartbeat is matched or heavily influenced by the beat of a song. “weightless” starts of at 60bpm (the average resting heart rate) and gradually slows down to 50bpm.

upon reading this, i wanted to try it out for myself to see if it really does decrease anxiety and other physiological stress indicators (blood pressure, cortisol levels, etc.). i can say that this is not the kind of music i particularly enjoy listening to, and i was a bit skeptical at first. tbh, during my first listening i felt more anxious/unsettled than relaxed, possibly because it is just so different from the typical acoustic/folk songs i listen to to calm down. but my second listening i did while i was writing this entire thing up, and i definitely felt myself getting more relaxed. maybe it’s a placebo, who knows?

(but there’s scientific evidence, right? so it must be legit somehow!)

take a listen: are these the most relaxing songs ever?