in the spotlight: christian “SØUL” hodgson

being at a music school means i get to meet multitudinous amazing musicians, from singer-songwriters, to producers of their own art. hailing from cambridge, ON, christian “SØUL” hodgson is an alternative pop artist who is blessed with both talents aforementioned, and is here to share with us the inspiration and process behind his music.

christian “SØUL” hodgson

What drives you to write music?

Well, I thoroughly enjoy it for one thing, it’s also very therapeutic, and allows me to put my voice out on certain issues and things. Also, I have this pet peeve of people not using the gifts they have. It would be a waste for me not to write music.

Describe your style/your sound.

That’s a tough one. I write what sounds good to me, and I pull influences from a wide variety of artists and genres. So I guess the best way to put it would be “alternative.” There is definitely a lot of soul in my music, but lately I have also been experimenting with acoustic, pop, electronic, and hip hop sounds and techniques. So yeah, I’m just a conglomeration of sounds.

You recently released a track, titled Inside Out – what was the inspiration behind it?

Inside Out is about being real. Too much of what you see in media, in music, and even in the people around you is so fake. This song recognizes that the temptation to be fake in order to please people, or whatever, is strong, but we should all strive to be real.

What is your creative process like?

Some people always have a starting point, like a title, or a chord progression or whatever, but I’m a little different. I start with an idea. Sometimes it’s a lyric, a topic, an instrumental part, etc. etc., but it’s never the same every time. If I try to structure a song by making a starting point, the song feels forced and I can’t finish it. My method takes a lot more patience, but in the end it keeps the music genuine. I tend to work on more than one song at a time, which might be a bad habit, but it’s just how I do it right now.

List 3 things you cannot live without:

  1. Music
  2. Spirituality
  3. Community

Why “SØUL”?

Soul was the nickname I was given during my time as a camp counsellor-in-training, up in Muskoka. They said it was because of two things. One was because of the saying “to have an old soul”, which meant I was wise beyond my years. Kinda find that funny still, but the other because people would say I have a lot of soul in my voice. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I’ll take it! The Ø was a change I made while I was listening to a lot of Zayde Wølf, and haha, and I thought it was an interesting way to set a name apart.

What are your 5 most recently played songs?

  1. This Unhealthy Head of Mine – Jump the Walls
  2. Party Monster – The Weeknd
  3. Coma – Issues
  4. You Don’t Miss a Thing – Amanda Cook
  5. Low Light – Aquilo

Can you give us any news regarding your upcoming compositions?

All I can say is there is a release coming, probably an EP. It’s gonna be all over the place as far as sound, and I will be doing a few features. I am actually looking for a female singer with an R&B style of voice for one of my tracks right now, so if you know any, tell them to hit me up. I am also looking at pairing up with my buddy Jake Westerveld for some visuals. Stay tuned for the single, that will kick start this whole release.

and while you wait for the anticipated release, take a listen to his debut single, Gold:


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