hello people of the internet world, i’m thia.

a music therapy student (also pursuing a psychology minor) at a nearby university, with hopes to pass on the healing powers of music to every soul i encounter on my journeys. my fingers have been tickling ivory keys since i was a tiny tot of three. i also dabble in guitar, flute, and drums.

my reasons for blogging? it’s all written here – post numero 1.

my interests other than music include writing (poetry, music, blog posts), photography, TV/film, travelling (check out my blog here), health/well-being, and living in the “now” (#carpediem).

don’t be shy; drop by and say hello.

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the crimson cappy :
for the self-discoverer, the anxious and the stressed, or the one who simply just wants to feel awesome.

this is a safe place for a cappy to discover and understand her true self.
to record things that she has written in her little crimson notebook.
to discuss physical and mental health findings.
to share some helpful well-being techniques.
to calm.

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