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dare to disturb the silence

since it is currently spring break (or, partially, in my case, because i love school so much that i’m taking two spring courses), with stress off my back, it feels great! and i’m… Continue reading

in the spotlight: core & nightlight

no, it’s not a band; it’s even better. he’s a passionate, hardworking multi-talented musician and budding entrepreneur, here to tell us about his upcoming show, nightlight. this is core. but first, here is some info you… Continue reading

focus: we MADE it together

i am currently suffering from PCD – post-concert depression. a couple days ago i had the almost once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see one of my favourite bands EVER onstage, live… their real-life, awesome, attractive… Continue reading

where every sound creates a picture

what do beethoven, debussy, and stravinsky have in common (besides being great composers)? they each have music featured in disney’s fantasia. i really do hope you know what i’m talking about… i’m sure… Continue reading

his music needed one thing. her.

this is the tagline to multi-award winning, fresh-faced musical, once. of course, it attracted me right away: music + romance? what more could a girl want, right? once again (no pun intended), i had… Continue reading

let it be: a celebration of the music of the beatles

so i think y’all know who The Beatles is/are/was/were whatever the proper term is (if you don’t… have you been living under a rock all your life?), but you may not know that they… Continue reading