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in the spotlight: christian “SØUL” hodgson

being at a music school means i get to meet multitudinous amazing musicians, from singer-songwriters, to producers of their own art. hailing from cambridge, ON, christian “SØUL” hodgson is an alternative pop artist who is blessed… Continue reading

in the spotlight: core & nightlight

no, it’s not a band; it’s even better. he’s a passionate, hardworking multi-talented musician and budding entrepreneur, here to tell us about his upcoming show, nightlight. this is core. but first, here is some info you… Continue reading

in the spotlight: jenn comishen

meet jenn comishen – a saxophonist (she also teaches!) and pianist, who occasionally dabbles in composition. music is a life-changing gift bestowed upon humanity. we were given music, and in return, we use this gift to… Continue reading

in the spotlight: taylor kurta

hi, it’s me again, back from the dead of the busyness of summer and all settled in for a new school year. i would like to introduce yet another segment of my blog, in… Continue reading