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paper airplanes in the snow

put on this wintery playlist again this morning/afternoon… if only it were snowing instead of raining outside (seriously though, our winter has been lacking in snow and frankly, i am sad about that). but that’s… Continue reading

all you have to do is call

my thursday afternoon consisted of kitties, blankets, conversations, and guitars. a friend and i were (are) working on some duets for future open mics, cabarets, coffee houses, or whatever performance, and we thought we… Continue reading

water take away my memory

was scrolling through my spotify playlists, trying to find something to listen to while i completed my music therapy assignment. came across a playlist i have never seen before/did not remember following (probably because… Continue reading

when music speaks

first of all, i want to wish everybody a merry christmas eve. and to those who do not celebrate, happy holidays! i guess you can say i saved this very special, personal playlist… Continue reading

winter is here

on this wintery december evening, i would love to be warming up by the fireside, with a cup of hot chocolate, or herbal tea; wrapped in a thick cozy blanket, wearing the fuzziest socks… Continue reading

trees, reindeer, songs of joy and peace

it’s the first of december, everyone! it’s nearing christmas-time, aka my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. even though it’s getting chilly outside, there’s still something so heart-warming about the… Continue reading

reverie and love

over the summer, some of my friends somehow got me into jazz. and the interest has stuck with me for the last few months, so much so that i was blasting oscar peterson and stéphane… Continue reading

strangers wandering in the night

a few months ago, my university had a used CD sale, and a frank sinatra album somehow ended up coming home with me – i just felt a huge burning desire to buy… Continue reading

it’s all just in your head

as some of you may know, my current (since march, actually) favourite band is ROMES – check them out if you haven’t already – and they have a show in toronto next week… which… Continue reading