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I’ve Moved!

Thank you for reading Sympathetic Vibrations. I will no longer be posting on this blog, but it will still remain available for reading. For more content, head on over to: Advertisements

madrigals and word painting

it’s quite past midnight where i am right now, but for some reason my brain is in education mode and wants me to share some of my knowledge on madrigals and word painting, or… Continue reading

the most relaxing songs ever?

happy international day of happiness! this is how i spent it: working out to release those endorphins and getting me some positive vibes wearing something that makes me feel fierce (i’m talking a silver… Continue reading

gopher tuna & cake

my choir director showed us this last year when we were preparing to sing this piece for a concert. i was reminded of it again today when we listened to it during history… Continue reading

musical reflection

source: gyllenmaya @hitrecord yeah i know, i said i was going to be more active… definitely had more time last year (i mean, i had the time to binge watch not one, but… Continue reading

we all tumble along!

i have been super busy with school and everything so i haven’t been posting a lot, unfortunately. it makes me wonder how i found so much time last year to blog… i guess… Continue reading

you’ve got that golden touch

thanks to buzzfeed, i found myself the most entertaining music video ever created. props to the director for this innovative concept.

birds on a wire

quick story: this video inspired my boyfriend’s promposal to me; try and guess what he did. pretty neat, finding music in nature and objects. here’s more from classicfm on the video.

music painting

i just think it’s really nice how the arts can combine to make something so inspiring.