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#GETLOUD: Mental Health First Aid

If mental illness could be seen on a sufferer, maybe society wouldn’t say “just get over it.” – Lonely Lotus Just a week ago, I attended a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course in… Continue reading

CBT: Thought Patterns That Affect Your Mood

#TIL cognitive distortions.. well that explains a lot #psychologythings — thia. (@thiaxmusic) June 17, 2016 While reading my Abnormal Psychology textbook over the summer, I tweeted the above as I came across a little… Continue reading

No two people are 100% right for one another.

In good relationships, people are about 25% compatible. But the relationship works overall because that quarter is important.

Most people…

… are more deserving of pity than censure.

20 Apps to Improve Your Well-Being

You can’t deny it: technology has become the centre of the world. We are never too long an eye’s glance away from our phones (I’m definitely guilty of this). As somebody who relies… Continue reading

Imagine being another person and being mildly uninterested in your actual self…

… – you can’t quite remember what they do, where they live, whether they are penniless or quite well off, whether someone told you they had lived in Iceland, or India, for ten… Continue reading

We’re all mad.

A standard question on any initial dinner date should simply be: ‘In what particular ways are you crazy?’

Calm: Cards For Serenity

  “It isn’t that we ever forget the value of calm, just that losing our composure is a constant risk. Every day brings with it new temptations to lose our tempers: the behaviour… Continue reading

take a moment to just… b r e a t h e ~

You are overwhelmed … with school (hello, exam season) … with work … with relationships … with life Your brain, your mind is restless … filled with unwanted thoughts … belittling thoughts …… Continue reading