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as mentioned in a previous post, i recently started a segment of my blog that focuses on mental health and general well-being. a couple months ago, i created a blog just for these… Continue reading

#WorldMentalHealthDay – psychological and mental health first aid

mental illnesses. it is a silent destroyer, the leading cause of disability in Canada. approximately 20% of all canadians will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime – that’s 1 of 5… Continue reading

TED, let’s talk!

i will be totally honest, i don’t exactly know what approach i’m going to take when writing about mental health/well-being. > maybe i’ll do my some of my own little research (via reliable google… Continue reading


i have always been passionate about psychology and mental health, but recent knowledge from my in-depth course on abnormal psychology further stimulated my interest in the area. for the past month or so, i… Continue reading