thank you dear lord!

two reasons to thank the lord. one: i’m almost finished my essay! two: it’s soundscape today! so it’ll be spiritual/instrumental songs… basically anything that will inspire and calm you down; relaxing stuff. coming… Continue reading

… to begin

for starters, apologies for not being around the past few days – it’s essay time /sighs. but everybody needs a break once in a while from work, right? whether it’s to blog (holla!)… Continue reading

do you believe?

mumford & sons is finally back in the music scene (after a two year hiatus)! okay yeah, they’re not indie. and they’re pretty well-known. but then again, tuesdays are also for covering new… Continue reading

a nightmare dressed like a daydream

i was having breakfast with a group of friends, when taylor swift‘s blank space came up on the radio. one friend started singing along, while another groaned not because he particularly hated the… Continue reading

black and white

i’ve got to say that not many of the music blogs i know feature playlists as a way of listening to music. fortunately, indieshuffle has that and their playlists are usually quite good. they… Continue reading

one last chance

feeling like you just need a break from school/work/whatever you do during your weekdays? tgif; it’s time for feel-good friday, a collection of my favourite songs. hopefully they will brighten your day. get up… Continue reading

you don’t mess around with the time lord

/cues doctor who theme song sorry, not that time lord (though you obviously do not mess with the doctor) but… what about this one? not this one either, but on the right track…… Continue reading

not quite “moonlight”

quick, think of a classical composer! got one? okay, good. chances are they aren’t truly “classical”, as in they didn’t write in the classical period (unless you thought of haydn, mozart, beethoven, or… Continue reading

of dreams and nightmares

released just today, my first turn-up & tune-in post features BANNERS (aka Mike Nelson, formerly known as RAINES) and his debut track, ghosts. initial reaction when i discovered this song via hypemachine was that the sound… Continue reading