fifty shades of music

alright, so i’m pretty confident that y’all have heard of this fifty shades of grey book-slash-movie. it’s been the subject of some pretty controversial debates out there. i’ve never read the series, haven’t… Continue reading

on-key: saturday playlists

i realized i forgot to include saturday and sunday on my on-tap series (whoops?). what to do? looking on my twitter feed, many of the popular & well-established music blogs have featured playlists… Continue reading

caution: slippery when wet

first on-key post, first throwback thursday. originally i was going to feature another song but then thought that it would be better suited for fridays. not really sure if there’s a whole selection process… Continue reading

on-key: music talk series

in order to further my exploring in music, i have decided to create a music talk series, so to speak, for this blog. don’t really have an official name for it yet, but… Continue reading

the start of my creative journey.

i think i can write about personal things as long as it’s relevant to music, right? righty-o! took some time to create a facebook page though as of yet, it isn’t “live” (zero… Continue reading

sparks and embers: at the fireside

as a piano student, i thought i would start a new “series” (aside from the events series i already have, because a music blog needs more than just that) that introduced the pieces of… Continue reading

his music needed one thing. her.

this is the tagline to multi-award winning, fresh-faced musical, once. of course, it attracted me right away: music + romance? what more could a girl want, right? once again (no pun intended), i had… Continue reading

let it be: a celebration of the music of the beatles

so i think y’all know who The Beatles is/are/was/were whatever the proper term is (if you don’t… have you been living under a rock all your life?), but you may not know that they… Continue reading

the musings of a musician.

just a friendly welcome to my new music blog. quick background as to why i’ve decided to do this (along with the numerous other blogs i run every now and then). this is… Continue reading