Heart and Strings

“I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music.” – J. S. Bach Religion is always a sensitive and difficult topic for me to discuss, especially in… Continue reading

Music, Community, and Culture

One of my music therapy courses this term is called Music, Community, and Culture – something to make us more aware of a method of music therapy called Community Music Therapy that encompasses the three… Continue reading

paper airplanes in the snow

put on this wintery playlist again this morning/afternoon… if only it were snowing instead of raining outside (seriously though, our winter has been lacking in snow and frankly, i am sad about that). but that’s… Continue reading

all you have to do is call

my thursday afternoon consisted of kitties, blankets, conversations, and guitars. a friend and i were (are) working on some duets for future open mics, cabarets, coffee houses, or whatever performance, and we thought we… Continue reading

CBT: Thought Patterns That Affect Your Mood

#TIL cognitive distortions.. well that explains a lot #psychologythings — thia. (@thiaxmusic) June 17, 2016 While reading my Abnormal Psychology textbook over the summer, I tweeted the above as I came across a little… Continue reading

water take away my memory

was scrolling through my spotify playlists, trying to find something to listen to while i completed my music therapy assignment. came across a playlist i have never seen before/did not remember following (probably because… Continue reading

No two people are 100% right for one another.

In good relationships, people are about 25% compatible. But the relationship works overall because that quarter is important.

ringing in the new year

just a couple of hours until the ball drops; a couple of hours left of 2016 to do something for myself. i have to be honest, new year’s eve has never really been one… Continue reading

Most people…

… are more deserving of pity than censure.