when music speaks

first of all, i want to wish everybody a merry christmas eve. and to those who do not celebrate, happy holidays! i guess you can say i saved this very special, personal playlist… Continue reading

20 Apps to Improve Your Well-Being

You can’t deny it: technology has become the centre of the world. We are never too long an eye’s glance away from our phones (I’m definitely guilty of this). As somebody who relies… Continue reading

Imagine being another person and being mildly uninterested in your actual self…

… – you can’t quite remember what they do, where they live, whether they are penniless or quite well off, whether someone told you they had lived in Iceland, or India, for ten… Continue reading

We’re all mad.

A standard question on any initial dinner date should simply be: ‘In what particular ways are you crazy?’

Calm: Cards For Serenity

  “It isn’t that we ever forget the value of calm, just that losing our composure is a constant risk. Every day brings with it new temptations to lose our tempers: the behaviour… Continue reading

winter is here

on this wintery december evening, i would love to be warming up by the fireside, with a cup of hot chocolate, or herbal tea; wrapped in a thick cozy blanket, wearing the fuzziest socks… Continue reading

take a moment to just… b r e a t h e ~

You are overwhelmed … with school (hello, exam season) … with work … with relationships … with life Your brain, your mind is restless … filled with unwanted thoughts … belittling thoughts …… Continue reading

the crimson cappy

as mentioned in a previous post, i recently started a segment of my blog that focuses on mental health and general well-being. a couple months ago, i created a blog just for these… Continue reading

trees, reindeer, songs of joy and peace

it’s the first of december, everyone! it’s nearing christmas-time, aka my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. even though it’s getting chilly outside, there’s still something so heart-warming about the… Continue reading