reverie and love

over the summer, some of my friends somehow got me into jazz. and the interest has stuck with me for the last few months, so much so that i was blasting oscar peterson and stéphane… Continue reading

strangers wandering in the night

a few months ago, my university had a used CD sale, and a frank sinatra album somehow ended up coming home with me – i just felt a huge burning desire to buy… Continue reading

it’s all just in your head

as some of you may know, my current (since march, actually) favourite band is ROMES – check them out if you haven’t already – and they have a show in toronto next week… which… Continue reading

placement reflection: 10/07/16

Today’s session was one where we were able to see the progress that the clients have made throughout their years of music therapy sessions with my supervisor, rather than one where a lot of… Continue reading

#WorldMentalHealthDay – psychological and mental health first aid

mental illnesses. it is a silent destroyer, the leading cause of disability in Canada. approximately 20% of all canadians will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime – that’s 1 of 5… Continue reading

placement reflection: 09/30/16

Today’s session was a challenging one, but because of this, it was also very insightful and rewarding. My supervisor saw that something was clearly off about one of our clients’ behaviour and made a… Continue reading

closer in the rover

okay so, i have to be honest: the only reason why i listened to this song in the first place was because queen bae halsey was featured. i’m not a huge fan of EDM… Continue reading

debussy, fairies, and mythology: musical imagery in three préludes for piano

similar to what i did last year, i thought that for today’s all that class post, i would share some snippets of knowledge from an essay i wrote in march this year. once again, the… Continue reading

placement reflection: 09/16/16

as you may or may not know, i am FINALLY a music therapy student (whoot!). and as part of our curriculum, we have the opportunity to visit locations within the community and actually lead clinical… Continue reading