meet me in the pines

wow it’s been a crazy long time since i last did a music talk. (and it’s not like i’m even busy with school or anything – this is not sarcasm, i kid you… Continue reading

TED, let’s talk!

i will be totally honest, i don’t exactly know what approach i’m going to take when writing about mental health/well-being. > maybe i’ll do my some of my own little research (via reliable google… Continue reading


i have always been passionate about psychology and mental health, but recent knowledge from my in-depth course on abnormal psychology further stimulated my interest in the area. for the past month or so, i… Continue reading

you done good, mcgee.

this entire morning and afternoon, i’ve had an unsettling feeling in my chest, and an increased heart rate… but i couldn’t pinpoint why. and then at 3pm, i found the reason. my mom… Continue reading

dreamin’ of some sun

as many of you probably know, the prestigious music and arts festival known as coachella happened about 2 months ago. aside from top-notch stages, celebrity spottings, and really good food (tbh i would… Continue reading

let it go and let it be

first off, some personal situations cropped up and i haven’t really had the energy (both mentally and physically) nor the time to blog recently. but i think my mini-hiatus should be about over… Continue reading

a little aside about music therapy

as someone pursuing a bachelors degree in music therapy, i know – not even think – that music is healing. the field grows every day, with more people becoming more aware of what music therapy… Continue reading

dare to disturb the silence

since it is currently spring break (or, partially, in my case, because i love school so much that i’m taking two spring courses), with stress off my back, it feels great! and i’m… Continue reading

in the spotlight: core & nightlight

no, it’s not a band; it’s even better. he’s a passionate, hardworking multi-talented musician and budding entrepreneur, here to tell us about his upcoming show, nightlight. this is core. but first, here is some info you… Continue reading