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winter is here

on this wintery december evening, i would love to be warming up by the fireside, with a cup of hot chocolate, or herbal tea; wrapped in a thick cozy blanket, wearing the fuzziest socks… Continue reading

debussy, fairies, and mythology: musical imagery in three préludes for piano

similar to what i did last year, i thought that for today’s all that class post, i would share some snippets of knowledge from an essay i wrote in march this year. once again, the… Continue reading

piano concerto no. 1

for a lack of a better title, for a piece without an image-evoking nickname. just simply its title. ALSO, HELLO FRIENDS, I AM BACK! after a really hectic, out of the ordinary month.… Continue reading

in green fields we roam

once there were green fields… just kidding, that’s not the song for today. wow i haven’t blogged on a wednesday in a LONG time (maybe it’s because i haven’t been in the classical… Continue reading

the austrians and the french

i promise i’ll explain the title in just a bit. this repertoire piece also doubles as today’s all that class selection, because i’m currently in the midst of exams, and my piano jury… Continue reading

the joke’s on you!

happy april the first. what more fitting than haydn’s “the joke” string quartet, right? to be brutally honest, i am not a fan of april fools. some of the pranks are actually quite… Continue reading

a very busy bee

this day in history: nikolai rimsky-korsakov’s birthday, albeit 171 years ago. guys, this is actually a history lesson for me because frankly… i don’t know a lot about the guy. yeah, i’ve heard of… Continue reading

not quite “moonlight”

quick, think of a classical composer! got one? okay, good. chances are they aren’t truly “classical”, as in they didn’t write in the classical period (unless you thought of haydn, mozart, beethoven, or… Continue reading