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closer in the rover

okay so, i have to be honest: the only reason why i listened to this song in the first place was because queen bae halsey was featured. i’m not a huge fan of EDM… Continue reading

let it go and let it be

first off, some personal situations cropped up and i haven’t really had the energy (both mentally and physically) nor the time to blog recently. but i think my mini-hiatus should be about over… Continue reading

cause i’m just a singer you don’t wanna be

it’s been a while since i’ve looked at/listened to music from the top charts – it just isn’t something i naturally gravitate towards, the seldom occasions being when i’m at the gym or at… Continue reading

say what?

first off, i hope everyone is studying well and hard for exams. but remember to take breaks (like what i’m doing now). also, because exams and end-of-term papers and stuff, i haven’t been… Continue reading

hello, welcome back!

one of the most talked-about songs of the week; one of the most anticipated songs of the year and, dare i say, years. ADELE IS BACK! after a three-year hiatus, the star singer… Continue reading

running to the hills

prior to today, i have (i’ll admit) not heard of this song before. like, at all. not the sound, not the name. the singer i have heard of though, so don’t you worry. apparently… Continue reading


so as you may or may not have heard, the 2015 pan-american games are happening at this moment in toronto, canada, and it is considered “the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games” (official… Continue reading

running wild and running free

i am SO happy to be back to “normal” blogging and exploring new music that is not from the seventies, though i did have fun with that segment. anyways, welcome back to music… Continue reading

band-aids don’t fix bullet holes

taylor swift; she’s at it again! she broke the internet with the release of her newest music video bad blood with a star-studded cast. no longer the innocent country girl who weeps while… Continue reading