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dare to disturb the silence

since it is currently spring break (or, partially, in my case, because i love school so much that i’m taking two spring courses), with stress off my back, it feels great! and i’m… Continue reading

cause we could be big heroes

status update: busy with schoolwork & stuff (the life of a student) but i’m here because i need some feel-good music to help me through my essay, as i’m sure we all do.… Continue reading

keep holding on

usually, i wouldn’t explicitly put song titles as the post title, but this embodies everything this song talks about so perfectly i had to use it. you’ve probably guessed which song i’m talking… Continue reading

captive on the carousel of time

hmm… today’s song is going to be another “throwback”. as in, pre-2000s… heck… it’s also from the seventies… what can i say, i love music from the seventies. what do carousels, cartwheels, car wheels,… Continue reading

because i’m happy!

i had a wonderful day today, and i hope you all did too. one of the highlights was ending work with a dance-and-sing-along. you know, just three generations of people all happily dancing… Continue reading

okay? okay.

no, sorry, not talking about a the fault in the stars song today, but the reference works well for the title of today’s selection. so you know how i did a disney playlist last week?… Continue reading

dreaming of paradise

ah, i’ve been away for a while (what with exams, jury, cleaning, resting) so it’s nice to be back. hope you didn’t miss me too much! of all my music talk segments, i… Continue reading

on the hunt

there’s a hungry animal out there. and no, i’m not talking about myself. or should i say, there’s a hungry pack of wolves out there. today’s feel-good friday is duran duran’s hungry like… Continue reading

one last chance

feeling like you just need a break from school/work/whatever you do during your weekdays? tgif; it’s time for feel-good friday, a collection of my favourite songs. hopefully they will brighten your day. get up… Continue reading