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#GETLOUD: Mental Health First Aid

If mental illness could be seen on a sufferer, maybe society wouldn’t say “just get over it.” – Lonely Lotus Just a week ago, I attended a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course in… Continue reading

20 Apps to Improve Your Well-Being

You can’t deny it: technology has become the centre of the world. We are never too long an eye’s glance away from our phones (I’m definitely guilty of this). As somebody who relies… Continue reading

#WorldMentalHealthDay – psychological and mental health first aid

mental illnesses. it is a silent destroyer, the leading cause of disability in Canada. approximately 20% of all canadians will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime – that’s 1 of 5… Continue reading

TED, let’s talk!

i will be totally honest, i don’t exactly know what approach i’m going to take when writing about mental health/well-being. > maybe i’ll do my some of my own little research (via reliable google… Continue reading