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placement reflection: 2016-2017 term

It’s hard to believe that my first music therapy placement has come to an end. 6 months full of learning, relationships, development, and improvement. Just to summarize the learning points I had presented in… Continue reading

placement reflection: 10/07/16

Today’s session was one where we were able to see the progress that the clients have made throughout their years of music therapy sessions with my supervisor, rather than one where a lot of… Continue reading

placement reflection: 09/30/16

Today’s session was a challenging one, but because of this, it was also very insightful and rewarding. My supervisor saw that something was clearly off about one of our clients’ behaviour and made a… Continue reading

placement reflection: 09/16/16

as you may or may not know, i am FINALLY a music therapy student (whoot!). and as part of our curriculum, we have the opportunity to visit locations within the community and actually lead clinical… Continue reading