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when music speaks

first of all, i want to wish everybody a merry christmas eve. and to those who do not celebrate, happy holidays! i guess you can say i saved this very special, personal playlist… Continue reading

saturday playlists: study time starts now

  it’s midterm season – at least it is for me and my fellow university friends. i don’t know about you, but i enjoy studying with some light, instrumental music in the background… Continue reading

still staying strong

after seeing countless advertisements on instagram, i decided to try an app called episode. it is basically an interactive story kind of game, with several stories to choose from. one of the featured stories is… Continue reading

get your groove on: the seventies

recently, i’ve listening to some tunes from the 70s, and really quite liking them. for today’s saturday playlist, i’ve decided to try something different. i present to you a new series of my blog, under music… Continue reading

where dreams come true

in honour of my recent visit to disney (which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while), here’s a playlist of a few of my favourite disney songs. some you most… Continue reading

be mine?

i’ve been thinking that i should start featuring some of my own playlists/make up some for this segment rather than just taking (copying&pasting) those from other music blogs or sites. i guess i’ve… Continue reading

the weekend mix up

by dancing astronaut. one day, i shall make my own playlist. when exams are all over, which is what i’m studying for at the moment so i’ll make this short. kinda of a… Continue reading

let’s go to the movies!

okay, i think classic fm deserves a round of applause for putting together this amazing playlist which included most of my favourite show tunes… erm, soundtrack music. i realize it’s been a while since… Continue reading

… to begin

for starters, apologies for not being around the past few days – it’s essay time /sighs. but everybody needs a break once in a while from work, right? whether it’s to blog (holla!)… Continue reading