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there’s something about the moonlight tonight

maybe the fact that there is no moonlight, at least not just yet. but that doesn’t mean we can’t create the moonlit atmosphere right here in our own homes, on our laptops or… Continue reading

when oceans rise

My soul will rest in Your embrace For I am Yours and You are mine. sound familiar? possibly. what if i tell you that the title of the song is oceans? ring a… Continue reading

focus: yiruma

the first song, or rather songs, that come to mind when i think of soundscape are those by south korean pianist and composer extraordinaire, yiruma. if his name sounds familiar, it may be… Continue reading

good morning, springtime

it’s finally getting warmer outside, at least where i am, and this is the perfect song to greet the new season. aside from being my soundscape choice, it can also double as the… Continue reading

somewhere only we know…

meanwhile, sitting here nomming on a mango meringue cake after a study session, once again being the indecisive person that i am about what music to feature. so here (carefully slaps down a bunch… Continue reading

half past awake and asleep

oh yes, i just found out how good soundcloud is for discovering new music, especially from normal, unsigned people like myself! it’s just full of little gems and wonders! i wanted to go with… Continue reading

thank you dear lord!

two reasons to thank the lord. one: i’m almost finished my essay! two: it’s soundscape today! so it’ll be spiritual/instrumental songs… basically anything that will inspire and calm you down; relaxing stuff. coming… Continue reading